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The Murphy Team has over 1,600 sales transactions in apartments in the following buildings located in Adams Morgan, Capitol Hill, Cathedral, Cleveland Park, Columbia Heights, Dupont, Foggy Bottom, Georgetown, Glover Park, Kalorama, Logan Circle, Palisades, South West, Wesley Heights, West End, and Woodley. We have also sold in Maryland and Virginia.

Adams Mill
2707 Adams Mill Rd NW

1330 New Hampshire Ave NW

Avondale Coop
1734 P ST NW

2515 K St NW

1901 Wyoming Ave NW

The Atlas
1111 25th St NW

Barclay House
2501 K Street NW

The Barrett
1310 12th St NW

The Bartley
1133 13th St NW

Beecher House
2400 41st Street NW

Beekman Place
1600-E Beekman Place NW

The Beacon
1801 Calvert Street NW

Bonwit Plaza
2401 H Street NW

Boston House
1711 Massachusetts Ave NW

2001 16th Street NW

3601 Connecticut Ave NW

Cairo Condo
1615 Q Street NW

Capitol Square Place
816 Capitol Square Place NW

2829 Connecticut Ave NW

Carriage House
2201 L Street NW

The Carthage
2301 Connecticut Avenue NW

Cathedral Coop Apartments
4101 Cathedral Ave NW

Cathedral Court
3010 Wisconsin Ave NW

Cathedral Towers
4201 Cathedral Ave NW

Cavanaugh Courts
1526 17th Street NW

The Chancery
3130 Wisconsin Ave NW

The Chatham
1130 5th St NW

4101 Albemarle Street NW

The Clara Barton
616 E St NW

Claridge House
950 25th Street NW

The Clyde
1124 10th St NW

The Colonnade
2801 New Mexico Ave NW

The Columbia
2425 L St NW

Copley Plaza
1514 17th St NW

Crescent Towers
1239 Vermont Ave NW

The DeSoto
1300 Mass Ave NW

2126 Connecticut Ave NW

Dumbarton Condo
1414 22nd Street NW

Dupont East
1545 18th Street NW

Dupont West Condo
2141 P Street NW

Eleven Condo
1111 11th St NW

Emerson House
2301 N Street NW

1800 R
1800 R St NW

Essex House
4740 Connecticut Ave NW

The Fedora
1451 Belmont St NW

Flour Mill
1015 33rd St NW

Foggy Bottom House
2405 I St NW

456 M St Condos
456 M St NW

Forty two hundred Cathedral
4200 Cathedral Ave NW

Forty six hundred Connecticut
4600 Connecticut Avenue NW

Forty seven o one
4701 Connecticut Ave NW

Forty seven o seven, 4707
4707 Connecticut Ave NW

Gallery Residences
777 7th St NW

2500 Q St NW

General Scott
1 Scott Circle NW

Georgetown Gateway
1511 22nd Street NW

Georgetown Overlook
1318 22nd Street NW

Georgetown Park Condo
1080 Wisconsin Ave NW

The Gibson
1140 23rd St NW

The Gingko
1865 Mintwood Place NW

Glover Park
4114 Davis Place NW

4301 Massachusetts Ave NW

The Griffin
955 26th St NW

Hampton House
1316 New Hampshire Ave NW

Harbor Square SW
520 N St SW

4444 Connecticut Ave NW

Imperial House
1601 18th St NW

James Place Condo
1077 30th St NW

Jefferson House
922 24th St NW

Kalorama Place
2418 19th St NW

Knightsbridge Court
25th & M St NW

1301 20th St NW

Letterman House
2030 F St NW

The Lincoln
2001 12th St NW

Lofts 14
1401 Church St NW

Madison Terr Coop
1365 Kennedy St NW

Madrigal Lofts
811 4th St NW

3901 Cathedral Ave NW

Market Square
701 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Market Square West
801 Pennsylvania Ave NW

The Matrix
1529 14th St NW

McLean Gardens
3811 Porter St NW

2220 20th St NW

The Mercury
1439 Chapin St NW

Morgan Annex
2428 17th St NW

Monroe House
522 21st St NW

1260 21st St NW

Old Firehouse Number 3
1624 U St NW

Ordway Gardens
2725 Ordway St NW

The Observatory
2111 Wisconsin Ave NW

The Ontario
2853 Ontario Rd NW

1325 18th St NW

3299 K St NW

Park Princess
1245 13th St NW

The Pennsylvanian
601 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Pennsylvania, 2600
2600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

800 25th St NW

Ponce deLeon
4515 Connecticut Ave NW

Potomac Overlook
1001 26th St NW

Potomac Plaza
2475 Virginia Ave NW

Potomac Plaza Terrace
730 24th St NW

President Condo
2141 Eye St NW

Quincy Park Condo
1001 L Street NW

Radius Condominium
1229 12th St NW

Rainbow Lofts
1445 Church St NW

601 24th St NW

The Rhapsody
2120 Vermont Ave NW

The Richmond
1401 17th St NW

The Ritz
1155 23rd St NW

The Riveria
4242 East West Hwy, Chevy Chase, MD

The Rutherford Condo
1211 13th St NW

St George Condo
1280 21st St NW

Schuyler Arms
1954 Columbia Rd NW

2320 Wisconsin Ave NW

Sheridan Garage
2516 Q St NW

Solo Piazza
1300 13th Street NW

MacArthur Blvd NW

1010 25th St NW

Tatham House
2711 Ordway St NW

Terrell Place
675 E St NW

Three Washington Circle
3 Washington Circle NW

Tilden Gardens at Connecticut
3000 Tilden St NW

4201 Cathedral Ave NW

Town Square
700 7th St SW

Town Terrace East
1420 N St NW

Town Terrace West
1440 N St NW

Twenty Five O One
2501 M St NW

Twenty Six Hundered Pennsylvania
2600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Twenty Eight Hundred Wisconsin
2800 Wisconsin Ave NW

Thirty Twenty Five Ontario
3025 Ontario Rd NW

Thirty Nine Hundred Tunlaw
3900 Tunlaw St NW

Van Ness East
2939 Van Ness St NW

Van Ness North
3001 Veazey Terrace NW

The Watergate East
2500 Virginia Ave NW & 2510 Virginia Ave NW

The Watergate South
700 New Hampshire Ave NW

The Watergate West
2700 Virginia Ave NW

Watson Place
3900 Watson Place NW

The Webster House
1718 P St NW

West End Place
1099 22nd St NW

Westbridge Condo
2555 Pennsylvania Ave NW

4000 Cathedral Avenue NW

Westminster Court
1124 25th St NW

Whitman Condo
910 M St NW

Whitman Place
1275 25th St NW

The Winchester
1807 California St NW

Winthrop Condo
1727 Massachusetts Ave NW

Wisteria Mansion
1101 L St NW

Woodley Plaza
2725 Connecticut Ave NW

Wyoming Plaza
2012 Wyoming Ave NW

This is not the total list. We have also sold on Capitol Hill and in Southwest Washington - as well as in many Maryland and Virginia buildings. We would be delighted to help you select an appropriate neighborhood and apartment. We are in an especially strong position to assist you in this dynamic market where choices are limited.